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On Friday, June 5, 2020, Rin was riding her motorcycle (with a helmet on), when a car pulled out in front of her. When first responders arrived, she wasn’t breathing and didn’t have a pulse. She was life-lined to Methodist in Indianapolis. She’s been fighting ever since.

She had just celebrated her 19th birthday a few days before the accident. She had made the commitment to be baptized on June 14, 2020 in the barn where we first met, little did we know she’d be in the hospital fighting for her life on that day. I first met Carinne when her dad, Craig, brought her to Compete Training Academy (CTA) to train for basketball. She had aspirations of being a collegiate softball player, but wanted to lead her basketball team the best she could. The team was graduating quite a few seniors and Carinne knew she needed to step up and lead her team. She would come train in our unheated barn after practice. We’re talking Indiana winter, during December-January-February. We would move a John Deere kerosene heater around to each spot Carinne would shoot from. Her dad, Craig was right there with her rebounding, passing, and willing to do anything he could to help (or stay warm:) Rin went from spark plug off the bench to averaging a double-double with 11.6 points and 11.3 rebounds her senior season at Tri-Central High School. In the fall of 2019 she went to college at Franklin College, to play basketball – not softball. To this day, she is one of the most hard working kids I know, and one of our favorite CTA stories to tell when inspiring others.

At the time of her accident last month she was working at General Motors making ventilators and working at Harley Davidson. To this day, the barn is missing the big smile, southern twang voice, laugh, strength and work ethic of Rin. Her presence was missed during our recent college/pro 3v3 league she was supposed to be playing in. Her presence has been missed driving to train at the barn right after getting off work.

Don’t worry Rin, you’ve got this!