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About Londyn

On April 21, 2021, Londyn (Londyn Mae Hoffman) was diagnosed with a rare cancer called Embryonal Rhabdomyosarcoma.  The diagnosis was made shortly after Londyn underwent surgery last week to try to remove a mass behind her right eye. While full removal of the tumor was not possible, the team at Riley Children’s Hospital was able to biopsy the growth.  Riley then immediately put into motion what will become an aggressive plan to help Londyn and her family fight this cancer.

While the research we have already done tells us that this cancer is very treatable in children, Londyn will be immediately started on chemotherapy and radiation therapies.  The following days also necessitate the need for a PET Scan and the placement of a port which will allow for the treatments to be administered more easily.

It is also probable that Londyn will have to begin what is called Proton Beam Therapy, which targets and pinpoints the cancer in a very specific manner.  This therapy will likely be administered in Cincinnati.

In anticipation of a long journey that will entail weeks and months of treatment, Londyn’s extended family of friends and her fellow CHAMPIONS have expressed their desire to immediately start this Go Fund Me in the hopes of contributing to Londyn’s anticipated medical costs not covered by medical insurance.

All donated funds will be allocated to Londyn’s medical treatment and expenses.  The family has also insisted that any funds received over and above her medical expenses will be donated back in full to help support research relating to childhood cancer.

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