Prayers for Taylor…
Taylor was recently injured in a car crash near Russiaville in Howard County. She was in a terrible collision with a semi late in the evening on Monday May 11.

She’s 18, unofficially graduated from Western High School.
She loves all things outdoors; fishing, camping, hiking, etc.
She really loves woodworking, welding, working on her ’73 Ford truck, and yet can doll up and look like the prettiest princess at the ball.
Taylor was involved in multiple clubs and activities in school, as well as being a 10 year member of the Howard County 4H. A member of the NHS, and an A/B student her whole school career.
She loves helping others.
She loves babies and babysitting them!
She is an active member and volunteer at Northview Church in Kokomo.
She volunteers often and helps out wherever she can in the community.

Taylor has a big heart, an infectious personality, she is incredibly smart, and if I could bottle her laughter & sense of humor up and sell it on the open market, I would be a kajillionaire. She is pretty much the best person I have ever met in my life!

If you are ever lucky enough to have met her, then you would know just how amazing she truly is. A most treasured gift from God. If you would like more information, please join the Facebook below. BE sure to keep it tuned here to the new Mix 105 for daily updates on Taylor and how you can help!

Prayers for Taylor